General Terms and Conditions

1. Consent for The Taking of Photographs at DEEP BERLIN Events

By accepting these terms, you agree that HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. and all companies included in the HELLA Group may use videos/photos/pictures taken of me free of charge. HELLA is therefore entitled to use and store the images without any time or regional restrictions. The use of such photographic material particularly relates to advertising purposes for the products of the HELLA Group or for the brand name of “HELLA”. I am aware that the HELLA Group advertises worldwide, particularly by means of the following: print media, electronic media, advertising material, outdoor advertising (e.g. posters), direct advertising, exhibition design, public articles, announcements / displays / ads.

In addition, images and videos taken with the People Counter may be used for testing and validation reviews. You agree that you will not derive any rights (e.g. remuneration) from consent to publication.

Additional agreement for minors: minors are not allowed to participate independently. The legal representatives of the minor are hereby reminded once again that photos, videos etc. as  aforementioned may be taken and published. If this is not desired or should not be done, the minor will be restricted from attending the respective event.

2. Conditions for Events and Registrations

Registrations will open only on the date that is announced through our official website and communication channels. Registrations before and after the specified dates are not valid. Due to limited available places, registration is not a confirmation of booking. After a registration is complete, we will come back to you to confirm or decline your participation based on the number of places available.

By registering to a Deep Berlin event, you agree to the photo, video and audio recordings by Deep Berlin at the event. Attendee confirms that he has agreed that its data is stored in the database of the Deep Berlin. Deep Berlin reserves all copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the event name, event brochure, event program and the rest of the event documentation. The attendee is not entitled to transfer this agreement or any part of it to any other subsidiaries, agents or customers of the customer. A transfer requires the written permission of Deep Berlin.