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July 26th – 28th, 2019
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2.5 days of using deep learning to improve life saving efforts in maritime search and rescue

From July 26th – 28th, we will be organising our first AI for Good Hackathon, with the mission of using deep learning to improve maritime search and rescue in the Mediterranean sea, by using embedded deep learning on drones to detect refugee boats in danger of drowning.

Registrations are now closed. Follow updates on the event through our LinkedIn page.

The Problem

Refugees continue to cross the Mediterranean Sea fleeing from war in their home countries, risking their lives taking overcrowded boats sailing to Europe. The death toll by sailing under these risky conditions is estimated to be 16,000 in the last five years (10 deaths per day!), and it continues to increase.

The Solution

Building a deep learning based software for image analysis, to be used in a long-range drone. This software enlarges the observation area and the effectiveness of rescue teams and NGOs to identify refugee boats in danger.

The Challenge

Build a deep learning based software to perform image analysis on premise in a drone, that will be able to effectively detect boats with people in danger, so rescue teams and NGOs can be alerted.

You will work in cross functional teams, to tackle one or more of the following tasks based on your expertise:

  • Single frame – image and object proposal classification
  • Single frame – object detection
  • Multi frame – object proposals / tracking classification
  • Multi frame – object detection with Tracking
  • Object detection via anomaly detection
  • Converter for real recorded drone mission data to ROS-format
  • Evaluate Deep Learning on embedded Platforms

What’s in it for you?

  • 2 and a half days of coding that will save the lives of thousands of people
  • Collaborative work in teams of AI experts
  • Benchmark your algorithms on the real drone platform based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano or Raspberry Pi 3
  • Enjoy food, drinks, and an opening party
  • Being part of a community using AI for good



From 17:00, opening keynotes and introduction to the topic and the challenge, team formation and opening party.


Full day of coding and hacking in teams from 9:00 to 21:00.


Last hours of coding and hacking from 9:00, integration and testing, and preparing final presentations ending at 17:00.

July 26th – 28th, 2019


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