Berlin’s AI Startup of The Year at DEEP BERLIN Conference 2018

Berlin’s AI Startup of The Year at DEEP BERLIN Conference 2018

The DEEP BERLIN Conference gathered the most relevant players of the AI ecosystem in Berlin, connecting more than 300 attendees from the deep tech scene to promote, share and discuss the state of the art in deep learning and AI; hosted at MotionLab.Berlin on November 27th.

Having 12 top Berlin based startups pitching their AI based technologies ranging from autonomous vehicles to data anonymization, and two panel discussions focused on corporate + startup collaboration and UX in AI applications, the Conference concluded by announcing Berlin’s AI Startup of the Year and the Jury’s Choice Prize from the 12 pitches of the night (full list at the bottom of this article).

Thanuja Ambegoda, Enway‘s co-founder and Managing Director, pitched their platform enabling the operation of autonomous specialty vehicles for city services. Enway received an interactive badge for SXSW 2019 in Austin, Texas, courtesy of DEEP BERLIN’s partners Start Alliance and Berlin Partner. The jury looked at the startups’ technical USP, market size & potential, innovativeness and pitch quality to make their final decision.

“It is a very good initiative to bring us all together into a community that consists of students, engineers, entrepreneurs, investors and government officials, all of whom play different but important roles to bring the benefits of technology to everyday life. Having a strong AI community will eventually lead Berlin to become a renowned hub for AI startups worldwide.” — Thanuja Ambegoda, Managing Director of Enway.

The Jury’s Choice Prize: Lengoo GmbH

Christopher Kränzler, Lengoo‘s co-founder & CEO, pitched their AI powered interface between linguists and cutting edge technology for creating the future of the translation industry. Lengoo received an NVIDIA Jetson TX2 computing device as the Jury’s Choice Prize.

“For us, the integration of AI into business processes is clearly the foreground, which provides the user with real added value. In the area of neural network translation, we have developed a true solution that our customers value” — Christopher Kränzler, CEO of Lengoo.

A collaborative approach for startups working with corporates and vice versa was the topic of the first panel discussion held at the conference. With Daniel Saatisto (NVIDIA), Christoph Söhnel (HELLA Aglaia), and Carl-Philip Wackernagel (Berlin Partner) on the corporate side; on the startup side, Asaf Brinhack (BrighterAI) and Thomas Staufenbiel (Gestalt Robotics) shared their stories and best practices on working with larger organisations.

The challenge of this type of collaboration is always to find the right partner in the right place, therefore, the work of continually building and supporting the ecosystem creates long term value for small and large firms. Nonetheless, Berlin is undoubtedly becoming the place where these synergies grow, and novel technologies and products get to be developed.

A panel around UX for AI Applications closed the evening with panellists Sarah Schulte (UseTree), Sascha Mahlke (USEEDS), and Sebastian Glende (YOUSE), moderated as well by Klaudia Malowitz (Intrepid Delta). The discussion was centered on a humane approach to the development of AI applications and the value different user types perceive.

“Skeptical users of AI applications want to understand how it works. Curious users just care about whether there is a benefit or not”

The new year will continue with the further development of the program for both startups & partners. Exploring the value landscape and strengthening collaborations such as the partnership with the NVIDIA Inception Program will be a key part of contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.

Value Landscape for Startups
The program’s value for AI startups as presented at the event; fostering the ecosystem with a cross-functional and cross-industry approach.

The community efforts will continue with the monthly AI for Autonomous Mobility Meetup, back in February 12th, the quarterly Data Science Community Daythe second edition of the Robocars Challenge, and the DEEP BERLIN Conference 2019.

Full List of Startup Pitches at DEEP BERLIN Conference 2018

  • UnderstandAIHigh-quality training and validation data for powering the development of autonomous vehicles.
  • RealSynthCreating virtual worlds to train and test AI powered autonomous systems.
  • StaticeLeveraging privacy concepts and synthetic data for deep learning powered anonymization.
  • NyrisEnabling companies to identify products and objects of any category through their visual search.
  • ParklingLeveraging on-street data and proprietary LiDAR for street parking.
  • Ree TechnologyLeveraging latest developments in AI and video streaming to remotely control robots.
  • AiServeComputer vision powered wearable device helping the blind and visually impaired navigate.
  • RasaOpen source tools to build contextual AI assistants.
  • Codepanseasoned team of data scientists and engineers building products such as Streem.AI, AI powered anomaly detection in streaming data.
  • Ocean Protocolblockchain based exchange protocol for AI data.

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